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Supporting You To Adapt And Prosper Abroad

Supporting you to Adapt and Prosper Abroad

Benefit from programmes and resources that are tailored to support you in this geographic, personal, and professional change.


Hi! I am Simone.

I am an Austrian now living in Myanmar and a FCDO spouse. I have been an expat all my life, so did not expect my move as an accompanying partner would be any different. How wrong I was!

I was still positive – even when I quit my job, said good-bye to my friends’ circle and moved across the world.

I have done it before, after all. Bring it on!

It was all fine for the first weeks, but then the reality hit me. No work, no close friends, my partner at work, a foreign city and culture. I felt empty and lost.

I knew I needed support. But where to find it?

With a background in business and coaching, I established Prosper Abroad. We make individualised support available to expat partners at a time when they need it most.


I know that life as an expat partner can feel hard.


  • You struggle be ‘just’ the partner, but you have not found your own thing yet.
  • You feel a sense of frustration for your lack of career continuity or progression.
  • You earned your own income and now you feel financially dependent.
  • You suddenly have all this time on your hands. You do not quite know what to do with it.
  • You feel lonely without support or community.
  • You do not want to waste this time. You want to get on and enjoy life.


I felt all these things when I moved abroad for my partners job. And so did the other coaches, who work for Prosper Abroad.

With a background coaching, we have designed a variety of programmes to support you.



Gain a sense of purpose and identity in your new location.

As an expat partner, it can be stressful and lonely to find meaning in a new location.

But it does not have to be!

Our programmes and resources are tailored to your unique journey as expat partner moving abroad.



The Signature Programme


In this six-week comprehensive group programme, you will identify your unique key to prospering abroad.

You will build your confidence, gain independence, and set your goals for your time abroad.

You get to:

  • Design a ‘life of your own’ – not just being the partner.
  • Have personal and professional meaning for this next chapter
  • Feel excited about new opportunities – personally and professionally.
  • Be supported by a community of others who are walking the same path.
  • Know exactly what you want to do next.
  • Start to enjoy your time abroad.


If a six-week group programme is not for you: We also offer bespoke individual courses, programmes, and assessments suited for your needs and lifestyle – career, wellbeing, parenting abroad, intercultural training to self-assessments.




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