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Welcome to the DSFA. We’re here to support you on your postings  and at home. Whether you’re going overseas for the first time or settled into your retirement, there’s a membership option for you.


Types of Membership

Full member


Partners of FCO Officers, and single parent FCO officers are eligible (subject to some limitations in the case of the latter) for our complete range of services. This includes courses, workshops, advice, coaching and magazine subscription. In addition of course the website, Facebook group and CLO support at post is available.

The DSFA is mainly funded by the FCO, but we do rely heavily on member subscriptions to continue our work. Your £30 annual subscription ensures you priority for the following:

  • Access to the Sponsorship Scheme, which gives grants of up to £2,500 to partners for courses that lead to a marketable and portable skill or qualification.
  • Professional one-to-one Career Coaching programmes.
  • Additional language training funding.
  • Access to the emergency welfare fund.
Ordinary member


Partners of other government department officers posted overseas  are eligible for the majority of the DSFA services. Your £30 annual subscription covers advice, support and your CLO at post. The DSFA community is wide open through the Facebook page, the website and of course, Carousel magazine.

Access to a range of courses is also available. If your organisation has not signed an MOU with us (please check with your parent department’s HR), you will be asked to pay £25 per person for each course that you attend.

Some services, like the sponsorship, career coaching and language training are not available.

temporary member


If you are the partner of a retired FCO officer, or the widowed, divorced or separated partner of an FCO officer, you are still part of the DSFA community. Your £15 annual subscription allows you access to the Facebook group, website and Carousel magazine. You are also welcome to contact us for advice and support.