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The DSFA Retrospective

The DSFA Retrospective

If you missed the Retrospective display in March, you can find some of the highlights here!


Digging around in the archives of the DSFA and the FCDO Historians, we unearthed some amazing old finds. Old treasures included every edition of the Carousel back to the first edition in 1960, old letters from members and old AGM notes. In the files of writer and DSFA member Beryl Smedley we  found newspaper cuttings going back to the 1970s and some amazing old letters.

Click on the links below to see some of the old files!


An Obituary of Lady Kelly, one of the founders of the DSFA (or DSWA as it was – Diplomatic Service Wives Association)

An Obituary of Lady Williams, another founder of the DSWA

The first ever newsletter from the CROWS (the Commonwealth Wives Association that pre dates the DSWA)

An excerpt of the earliest DSWA newsletter

A speech on Diplomatic Manners

The Going Abroad Course Agenda from 1972

A letter from Beryl Smedley 1975

An article from the Times 1986 on Diplomatic partners, featuring DSFA member Pamela Gordon.

An article from the Times 1987 on a very difficult diplomatic divorce

DSFA Chairman’s report from 1988

DSFA Bulletin from 1989

A news article from the Times 1985 on one of the earliest joint diplomatic partners

A news article from the Times 1990 on Cuts to Diplomatic Families

A review of Beryl Smedley’s book, Partners in Diplomacy from the Sunday Telegraph 1991

A news article from the Times 1999 on Diplomatic Husbands

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